Api Auto Pilot is a Laravelopen in new window package for building RESTful APIs amazingly fast. It is inspired by the
Strapi Restful APIopen in new window and its main goal is to get you an API for your database in just a matter of minutes.

Simply require the package from composeropen in new window, run the installation command, and all your Models, are exposed as a REST API. Cool, right? Api Auto Pilot provides you with the best starting point for your next Laravel CRUD API.

Why should I use it?

Have you ever imagined how many times you've done the same thing over and over again, For example that PostController with index,get,create,update and delete methods? What if this process could be automated? To Simplify these steps, we created this Api Auto Pilot, having in mind the developer freedom, to manipulate any parts of the request data.


Have you ever built a monolithic web application, and you need an API for the mobile app, without rebuilding the whole back end?

That's why Api Auto Pilot was built!

Configurable like Laravel

We are trying to make Api Auto Pilot as configurable as we possibly can. Since we believe in choice, you can enable, disable and limit the endpoints that exist, attach any middlewares to the package's routes, and use Model Hooks to append, remove or manipulate the request parameters.

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